Goodbye Laptop

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“I jumped out the “pedicab” with my net book in my two arms and with a heart beating fast!”. This was two weeks ago while I was riding a public utility vehicle. Three young men suddenly went inside while I was alone the ride . They were all under influence of alcohol . I sensed danger when I spotted one of them looking at my laptop and was sending hand signal to his companion. I still small voice told me to rush out and thank God I was able to escape safely.

Yes! It is just easy for robbers to walk off with it. Laptops are stolen at an alarming rate nowadays that is why more parents preferred to buy desktop computers for their children instead of net books and laptops. My experienced prompted to buy bigger bags . Now I always carry my net book inside my bag specially when in public areas. What an experience!

Laptop Sale

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One reason why we booked for a three-day vacation in Cebu is for us to buy a laptop computer. I’ve been desiring for it so I can use it anywhere I can for my blogging. But laptops here in our place is quite expensive so that we decided to spend a relaxing three-day vacation so we could also find ample of time finding the right laptop for me.

On the second day of our vacation, I and my hubby visited a mall and went directly to their computer area where different laptop computers were sold. We didn’t even know that the mall was having a three-day sale on all its products. We were so delighted to see discounted items from the Men’s and Women’s wear, groceries and yes, the computer shops too. I’m the one most excited to buy one of those discount laptop computers since this is what we’ve been planning to do. Heaven must be on our side that day, LOL!