Amazing video : Rowden & Leizel Wedding ( till death do us part)

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I saw this on facebook yesterday even before ABS-CBN shared a news story on their lifestyle section. I was mobile and had a hard time embedding the codes through wordpress mobile apps, so I decided to forego it and wait till I’ll be on my PC. The story truly is heartwarming. Being a wedding coordinator, I have seen a lot of beautiful wedding videos but this one made me cry a lot. Wannah cry too ? Play the video.

Early this year, Rowden and Leizl decided to get married on July 8, 2014, Rowden’s 30th birthday. Together with their adorable 2-year-old daughter, they already had a perfect family.

Then a twist of fate, Rowden got diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer in late May. His last request was to marry his one true love. After 12hours of preparations, his dream was fulfilled. Unable to take him outside the hospital, we brought the church to him. It was like a heartbreaking fairytale.

Rowden Go Pangcoga, at the age of 29-years-old, passed away on June 11, 2014. Less than 10hours after he said his vows.

He is survived by his wife Leizel May, daughter Zakiah Rowzel, mother Lorelei, and brothers Hasset & Hisham.

Last words form a blogger before Yolanda took her away ….

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last words

These are the last words of a blogger friend before the killer Typhoon Yolanda took her and her mother. I just knew about her demise when a fellow blogger posted the sad news in our Fb group. We do not know what really happened and how she died. Someone asked on our group if her family evacuated because as per her post , she did not mentioned it. I can not help but cry not only because of her loss but also because I remembered how GOD spare us when Typhoon Sendong hit our place. There is really a time for everything. For Catherine Florendo, it was the end but not for us. If not of the package from USA that miraculously arrived early we could have been with our creator now. The whole family slept overnight at my hubby’s ancestral home thus we were spared by the typhoon that killed 18 persons in our subdivision alone. My sister-in-law send two packages : one for her sister in Manila and one for her brother in Cagayan de Oro City. How could our package arrived two weeks earlier than the one in Manila ? It’s a miracle indeed.

God is a sovereign God. He is too wise to be mistaken and He is too good to be unkind.   God spared us from Typhoon Sendong…and God also spared dearest Catherine from  her future which maybe  would not bring good to her life.

Life is full of surprises !

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Yes,Indeed! Because I never thought of being here right now at a hospital taking care of my sick husband. Ten days ago, we were busy planning for our coming short vacation in celebration of my birthday. Just a day after that, I rushed him to the hospital because he was suffering from severe stomach ache. We thought it was just gas spasm or food poisoning, but when the ultra sound result was turned-over to us , it was found out that he has a gallbladder stone that needed to be removed as soon as possible. The    five days before the scheduled operation  were traumatic to both of us  because it was my husband’s first experience  to be hospitalized .  I will detail in my health  blog site what really happened but for now all I can say is that GOD is truly our Healer, our Comforter, our  hiding place in times of trouble. His presence was made tangible and real . I know God allow some situation to worsen… so that He can make us Better!

Top three reasons why some marriages end in divorce

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Nobody goes into marriage expecting to get a divorce. When a couple get married they intend it to be just like a fairy tale to live happily ever after. Separation is not something that couples look forward to . What do you think are some of the reasons why so many happy marriages end up in the divorce courts after many years of being a couple? I read from Dallas family law the top ten reasons but for me here’s my top three :

Lack of Communication.
Both partners should always be open about how they feel. If something is bothering you in your marriage voice it out, instead of clamming up and shutting the other person . Your imagination run completely wild until you’ve worked yourself up into an angry accusing state – which will certainly lead to more arguments . Discussing openly, honestly and calmly some issues would greatly open a clear line of communication.

Differences in views, values and goals

If you got married in the heat of romance without knowing your values and goals then this would be a big problem once the initial honeymoon period is over. Some differences are fundamental like you want children and your spouse doesn’t or the wife wanted to work while the husband wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom. If you want different things from your marriage then you are likely to be disappointed. It’s vital to discuss these issues before you decide to get married. Most of the times when husband and wife have different views in life they tend to disagree and fight all the time.

Money Matters

From the files of Denton divorce lawyers , some marriages fails because families are suffering from lack of money brought by global economic crisis. Money is the root of some disagreements and misunderstandings.

It is really heartbreaking to see marriages end in divorce. So if you do not want to end up being part of a broken family then take heed of the three main reason I’ve mentioned above. If in case you are already in the brink of getting a divorce, visit the Dallas family law online. Do not give up too soon, God is still in the business of mending relationship. There is always hope for those who believe and have faith.