Alternative Medicine, Chinese Medicine and the Scientific Medicine

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I had a chance to bond with my brother yesterday because it was a holiday. We talked about some issues on health until we arrived on the topic about alternative medicine. I know being a physician, he is not sold-out with the alternative medicine approach but for the sake of extracting his opinion, we discussed the matter. Here’s what I’ve learned from him :

There are four main types of diseases: pathogenic disease, deficiency disease, hereditary disease, and physiological disease. Pathogenic disease according to him is caused by micro-organisms or viruses . Deficiency disease, is as a result of a lack of one or more nutrient necessary for proper functioning of our body. Hereditary disease is passed down from generation to generation through the genes while Physiological disease is pattern of behavioral or physiological symptoms that impact multiple life areas or better known as a kind of mental disorder. He went on discussing the details so that I will have a proper understanding the different kinds diseases.

What Is Alternative Medicine? Alternative medicine may be defined as any form of medicine that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine. By this definition he said , he safely say that alternative medicine is not based on scientific evidence. He added that it is usually derived from cultural or historical practices. There are hundreds ( even thousands) of alternative medicine around world but there also a lot people that have been abused in the name of alternatives.

My brother added that practicing alternative medicine is not bad specially if it really worked for you but he stressed out that for severe illnesses and fatal diseases , one need to see a doctor and undergo trusted and proven process of healing.

I asked him about his opinion of Chinese Medicine. I explained to him the many benefits of herbal medicine I have learned through Solstice Medicine Blog I have been reading for more than a month now. He told me that Chinese medicine has been around more 3000 years now and agreed with my opinion that among types alternative medicines, Chinese Medicine is the most effective.

That ends our discussion, agreeing on the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine!


The Danger of Accutane

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I heard many times from TV and health magazines about the drug Accutane. Some say it is very effective but I also read other reviews which are negative in nature. I asked my brother who is a physician but he’s not so familiar with it since he’s an internist.

I did a little research about the powerful drug used in the treatment of acne called Accutane. Four to five months of Accutane treatment usually leads to clearing of acne. According to one site I have visited , it is a potent medication that is very effective for nearly all types of facial breakouts. But why is it that their are many accutane lawsuit filed in courts? Because it has been reported to cause major side effects like depression and thoughts of suicide, birth defects for pregnant women , migraine and many more.

Now that I know the danger of accutane I am now careful in buying pimples treatment cream for my son. I need to search the internet first for reviews before purchasing it. Safety of the product is equally important as its effectivity!

Effective Pain Reliever

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What’s the easiest way to get rid of those pain?My sister-in-law told us to buy Tramadol online. Yes, she recommends that pain reliever after experiencing muscle pain due to her hectic work. We would surely take her word for it since she really convinced us that buying medicines nowadays need not to be hard. My mother-in-law who’s a retiree would often wait for quiet a long time just to arrive to the counter to buy her medicines. She’s already 73 years old and she ought not to be punished waiting and standing for a long time. Buying it online (her medicine} is the most practical thing for us to do!

As for my sister-in-law, she’s always thankful that at times of need, especially those painful days (those days where she would spend sleepless night due to body or muscle pains) from work related stress, she could just buy tramadol online. Internet services have really gone a long, long way in giving convenience to people. Yes, that really saves her time and effort lining up and cuing up in pharmacies waiting for your turn to buy your medicine which is at times not available! But via the internet, my sister-in-law could buy tramadol online in the convenience of home.

It is really a comfort knowing that I can share this information to my friends in the States that when it comes to searching and looking for pain relievers . It’s one of the more sensible advise I could share with them in the internet, LOL! Yes and it’s true. Many of them are working hard for their families and they also deserves a friend who shares with them important and practical ways to save and get the best out of their hard earned money. I am sure they will not forget me for doing this to them. I will let them read this write up of mine and let them discover the truth for themselves.