FIBA Asia Basketball Final !

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Watching the FIBA Asia Basketball final tonight ( Philippine Gilas against Iran)  remembers me with the fight of  David against Goliath.  Whew! How can  our team win against this towering giants   whose heights are  more than Seven feet ? Looking at their dunks , I guess the ring is just  inches away. My heart palpitates seeing the close fight, so I decided to  go to my room and update my blog .  I rather know the final score rather than  watch shouting  at the top of my voice. My  son is studying at the adjacent room and complaining  from our shouts and cheers!

Amazing Philippine Gilas Basketball Team!

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Blogging at the same time watching the finals of the FIBA Asia.  How can I resist not to watch when everyone in the house is hype in cheering and shouting for the Philippine Team.  Last night was a tough win against South Korea,  now is another difficult task with Iranian basketball players who are so  huge and tall ! Whew! Thanks for the short advertisement, I can can have few seconds to blog about it. I just hope and pray Philippine Gilas will win the game. This would be the first time in  our basketball history that we will be qualified in the FIBA world cup.

Pacquiao throw more power punches than Marquez at 176 and 138

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I know fans of Juan Manuel Marquez are furious over the result of the lately concluded boxing bout at the arena of MGM but let’s jsut folow the rules :

Based from the boxing commissions rules book; esp. on a fight like this… many power punches did each man throw and who ENDED UP throwing the most? According to CompuBox, Pacquiao landed 176 of 578 punches. Marquez connected on 138 of 436 punches, preferring, as in his first two fights, to counter punch. Pacquiao had a 117-100 edge in power shots.


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