My Thanksgiving List, What’s Yours?

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Because it’s Thanksgiving Day, I am going to take this opportunity to  express my Thanksgiving to God in a more specific way.For all HE  has  done for me from before I was born until this present day.

Thank you Lord for I was wonderful and fearfully made. You took the time to think about who I was going to be, you made me  as I am and  for  putting  purpose in my life.

Thank you Lord for placing me into the family, although they were not  rich and famous,  it was were I needed to be to become the person you wanted me to be. My Father for the discipline , my mother for her endless love until her last breath and my 5 brothers who cared so much for me.

Thank you Lord for my mind, body, and spirit, for how you made me, and for all that you put within me to grow and learn.

Thank you Lord for the days of my youth. When I didn’t understand nor knew right from wrong you were there for me to guide me through .

Thank you Lord for my childhood education. For giving me the knowledge and wisdom. For graduating  with  honors in Elementary and high school.

 Thank you Lord for taking me through my teenage years. I was 18 years old when you took me from the miry pit of sin. You  saved me while I was in my challenging  college years.

Thank you Lord for taking me through young adulthood where many pressures were added in my life.

Thank you Lord   giving me a partner in life. My husband , my love and my best friend.Thank your for the 17  blissful years of marriage.

Thank you Lord for my  in-laws. They’re the best! Thanks for the many blessing shared to me.

Thank you Lord for my children.  They are growing loving and fearing you as well. For being a joy and inspiration to us and the people around us.

Thank you Lord for my church, my pastors, my ministry, my friends. Your love is made tangible through them.

Thank you Lord for I am now half way through life, a bit older and a bit more wiser but still with many challenges. Your mighty hands guided me through, and I knew that it was with your help that I was able to make it.

Thank you Lord for today as I humble myself and in tune my spirit to you. I am listening to hear from you, to receive direction as to your plans for me so I may carry them out.

Thank you Lord for the bright future you have ahead for me, and for the surprises you are bringing forth in my life.

Thank you Lord for new beginnings, restoration, revision, refreshment, and healing.

Thank you Lord for all your blessings that you gave to me, that you have for me right now, and for the blessings that you will be giving me in the future.

This page would not be enough to detail how grateful I am to God. Can you share you list ? Leave  your post here.

God healed me!

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I am not a sickly person. As far I can remember, I was hospitalized only once during my younger years and that was due to Amoebas. When I got married, the only time I was in a hospital bed was during giving birth to my two kids. This is one thing that I greatly thank God.

But last week I was hospitalized due to Dengue fever. A week prior to that I had on and off fever. I thought it was only due to my sinusitis , so I went to an EENT Doctor and have my nose and ear check. I was prescribed anti-biotic and nasal decongestant. A week on this medication did not cure my fever, so my hubby decided to send me to the hospital for admission. It was then that we found out that my platelet counts dropped to 45k. It was very alarming since normal counts should be between 150k – 300k. To be honest, I was very scared when it dropped to 36K . We were informed to prepare for blood transfusion and I was monitored for possible internal hemorrhage.

I was really scared but thank God for my hubby , mother-in-law, my siblings, my pastors , close friends and who encouraged me with their prayers and the promises of God. After two days my platelet count increased to 39k and 72k on the 3rd day. After a week, I was discharged from the hospital with a normal platelets. I greatly thank God for the healing and for the people who greatly helped me with my recovery.

As I am writing this post, I am here in a friend’s place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Their mansion is situated in the mountain part of the city where I can commune with God and nature. I can see some horses and breeches from afar and it truly helped me recuperate from my sickness.

TT : God can not stop to amaze us !

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I have been blogging for the past two years and God uses this hobby to be a blessing to the family financially. Three days ago my brother asked my financial assistance since his wife was scheduled for caesarean operation . He was caught unaware since the delivery date was projected end of September or first week of October. Worst, his wife was diagnosed with Hyperthermia ( blood pressure shooting up while giving birth) so a bigger financial needs is expected. I can not say no to him and add to the pressure to his already troubled mind. By faith I said yes without knowing where to get the considerable amount of money he requested.

This morning as I opened my emails, I was astounded to see the many tasks awarded to me. There was a Direct Advertiser that proposed a one year ad to my three sites. Wow! God answered my prayers in just a matter of two days. Amazing !
I greatly thank God for being my blogging partner!

Thankful Thursday

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I greatly thank God for the very successful celebration of our Church 25th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Celebration. Being the Grand Celebration program coordinator, I could say that it was God who worked and made all things in order. From the motorcade , processional , presentations and giving of plaques and tokens , to the banquet… everything went smoothly . Although there were behind the scene last minute instructions , on stage everything was Perfect.

Commendation goes to my committee members who selflessly gave their time and effort to make all things possible. Remember “ Your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

To God be the Glory, Honor and Thanksgiving.