New Static IP

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I can not wait to have my new static or dedicated IP. I  have been waiting for it for 3 weeks already. I thought I could have it this week but was surprised I was not on the list. It make me sad…. huhuhuhuhu…

Expectations not met could be discouraging but   patience is a virtue. My Static IP provider must have been so busy or the list posted on FB was not yet updated. I hope when I will open my account today, my blog sites will be there. Crossing fingers….

New Static IP Webhosting

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I blogged about  this site to be down for about 5 days for  propagation of my new static ( dedicated) IP web hosting. Thank God it didn’t take that long for my web host provided to transfer this site from blogger to wordpress  and for getting this site  a static IP. Thanks to Mommy ruby for the great help. Truly, she’s gifted when it comes to this matter. I love her patience for the countless  consultations and questions she receives from her clients. Continue to be a blessing to the blogger world!

Not a Good Job!

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I am guilty of not doing my job well. Two months ago, my friend May Seven who resides in California asked my assistance for the site make-over of her online Botique. I immediately said “yes” even before seeing her site. When I was finally on her dashboard, I was a mess since I was used to the user friendly dashboard of blogger. I spent a lot of time posting and editing the items. I am not satisfied for my work to think that she paid me for the task. I tried to contact her business web hosting provider for a tutorial but I didn’t received any update yet. I am sorry May… I am offering to make a blogger or word press account for you for free.

Web Hosting Guide

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I have blogged last month regarding the opportunity speaking to the young professionals of our church about blogging and online jobs . Although the session was attended by only 20+ individuals, I didn’t expect that 80 % of them were able to create their own blog sites in a week time. My three blog sites were flooded with comments and shout box messages inquiring on the basic of blogging like how to join “memes”, increase traffic, join network blogs, create badges , …etc…etc. To answer all their question, I posted “ Blogging 101”.

It’s fulfilling to know that they are learning so fast with the “ hows” , “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in the blogosphere. One even create her own Go Green Friday Meme which is now gaining popularity among bloggers. Another one was invited to write a guest post about gadgets. Now, all of them are requesting me to post about webhosting guide since they are very much excited to have their sites self-hosted. Wow! They really are serious! To make the task easier, I referred them to ,the world’s largest independent web hosting directory featuring in-depth information on all major web hosting providers accompanied by unedited reviews and rating by real customers.

Good luck to all of you!

Boost Your Business Income!

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I am currently here in Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon for our 3-day Family Camp which started yesterday . Thank God the school admin office allowed the Camp Secretariat to use their wifi ISP address. The committee was able to do their various downloading works. As the camp finance officer, I am so busy monitoring the expenses, payables and collectibles. Accounting work is really hard for an engineer like me ..Lol!

It’s siesta time here , so blogger in me can not resist to open my site and do some blog posting. I was surprised to see today that my other site with a domain name gained a page rank of 1. At last after 3 months of hard works it is now ranked. Now I am considering my friends suggestion to let my site be hosted for more search engine exposure . I surfed the web hosting provider she recommended and I find it reliable and trust worthy. provides a comprehensive and comparative details of top web host provider. Lately, they posted the best ecommerce web hosting provider for 2010. This is a great news for all entrepreneurs and businessman out there. For an affordable $6.95/ month, you can have a website to boost your income. The site have maintained the best ecommerce web hosting provider from one of the most recognized names on the Internet since 2003! So go… visit them now!