New Static IP

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I can not wait to have my new static or dedicated IP. I  have been waiting for it for 3 weeks already. I thought I could have it this week but was surprised I was not on the list. It make me sad…. huhuhuhuhu…

Expectations not met could be discouraging but   patience is a virtue. My Static IP provider must have been so busy or the list posted on FB was not yet updated. I hope when I will open my account today, my blog sites will be there. Crossing fingers….

Safe WordPress Templates

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If you wish to have  a safe wordpress themes,  install it from your dashboard. This is what  my web hosting provider suggested last week. Most of the themes  from free sites have  invisible codes  which are prone to hacking , not SEo friendly and  can consume  bigger space. Yes is true that their designs are  nice and trendy but   they are just bait. I experienced it last year when my  health blog was hacked. My  web host provider fixed it  by changing the theme.

WordPress has a lot of new themes which are simple yet elegant like the theme on this blog.  So why upload from free sites when  you can have  lots of safe themes to choose from your dashboard?

Wanted Domain website!

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I will be transferring this site soon to a new web host with my own domain name. I have a hard time buying domain with GoDaddycom. Any suggestion for a beginner like me? Preferably a user friendly site with comprehensive details and…. of course with lower annual fee. Please be a good samaritan…help me pls.

Try Ventrilo

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I have been looking for a web hosting service provider for a month now. All of my blogs were free hosted. My blog tutor suggested that I should let at least one of my blogs have a domain name and be hosted from any on-line webhost provider. She suggested ventrilo , it’s a new and emerging instant server on the web this days. I have just browsed their site and find it quite okey. They offer the following :
• Month to Month Rent Contract
• User Friendly Webadmin
• No Hassle Money Back Guarantee
• Easy to Upgrade or Downgrade within the Webadmin
• Simple to Cancel – Cancel button within the Ventrilo Webadmin
• Easy To Change All Voice Formats and Voice Codecs Webadmin