I lost my wedding ring! What shall I do ?

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A wedding ring is an important symbol of great significance. It symbolizes the eternal love a couple has for each other in conjunction to the shape of the ring which is round and unending. It is a fitting symbol of two individuals who have decided to become one entity until eternity.

What if you lost your wedding ring ? Then you should replace it as soon as possible because the ring is your public declaration of unavailability for further romance. A wedding band at the fourth finger on the left hand tells it all – that the wearer is already committed to another.

Yes, I am facing this challenge now because I lost my wedding ring while I was on a beauty training class. The instructor told us to put all rings away since it might react to the chemicals that we will be experimenting. I was carried away with the lesson and forgot to put it back. It was only in the evening that I realized my wedding ring was gone. Earnest effort has been exerted by me and my friends but all remained useless. Now I am forced to use my mothers ring instead of buying new one. I am glad  the design of my mom’s wedding ring  is somewhat  similar to mine.

Beading is a hobby that earns !

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BeadStationBeading is a great activity that is fun for people of all ages. My daughter love to make beaded bracelets and necklaces since she was four years old. Her  kits specifically designed for children is still with her though she’s already 12 years old. I also have an aunt s who love working with beads, she’s making a decent living selling her creative bead works like bracelets, necklace, earrings, anklets, slings and other charms at fair price. She said she never get bored while crafting with beads. Soon she will be opening her online shop featuring her creation. I’ll be glad to include some of her items to my fashion fan page.

Diamonds are Forever

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No doubt women just love diamonds. From early centuries and until our modern days, these tiny shimmering splendor continues to be on the top list of women’s desires. From lower, middle to the upper class, everyone’s yearning of having diamond jewellery. For the rich, diamonds are status symbol for authentic diamonds are costly. It signifies high level of success. For a woman who receives diamond jewellery from a lover, it can signify everlasting love and affection as “diamonds are forever”. It’s my secret wish to have a diamond necklace someday. Who knows? I might win a lottery someday … How about you? Do you wish to have diamond jewelry someday?

Introduction to my Lecture

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I will be speaking in a Women’s Seminar this coming Monday and I love to share my topic to my readers too! Here’s the introduction of my lecture…

In life, we usually try to please other people as best as we can, but why it is in a marriage we love our partner how we want them to love us and not the way they actually need to be loved. We all want to be loved – whichever way it might be. However, when receiving the wrong type of love we can often start to feel empty and unwanted…. This is why it is important for us as a couple to understand the Five languages of love. Every one of us has a preference for what makes us feel most loved. Understanding love languages leads to the ability to communicate with your partner in a non-judgemental way.