Amazing Response Facebook Team!

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last night , I blogged about my 7 day suspension by facebook. I was shocked to know that I can not open my account  for seven days for violating their policy. What’s my crime ?  Sending friend requests to several  people I do not know.  Oh my!  I am not guilty of this accusation, so I was not able to hold my peace and  tell the whole world about  the injustice through my husband’s facebook account.

I thought the suspension would really last a week, but just this morning the suspension was lifted up and I was able to log-in to my account. THANK YOU FACEBOOK!

Were they able to see their mistake ? Or was it only a glitch on their system ? What do you think ?

Amazing! I was blocked by Facebook !

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I was blocked by facebook in sending friend request because according to the notice, I kept on sending friend requests to people I do not have mutual friends. Oh my! How could this be ? Ever since I joined facebook   7  years ago  I never  requested friendship to anybody  whom I do not know or don’t  have real world connection.  I don’t believe someone has hacked my account because I only open my FB though  my laptop ( which is very personal – only me and my husband can use it )  and my office PC.


fb block

I thought I was blocked only in sending request so I followed the instruction on the screen only to find out that I can no longer logged-in to my account.  I tried 10x but  the notice below is popping up .. unfortunately I can no longer log-in to my account.

Anybody who has the same bad and sad experience? What did you do ? Where you able to log-in after a few days ? Please help!

fb block2