Birthday Greeting e-card

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Thank you Ms. Arlene Guevarra for this wonderful birthday greeting and for the message below :

Today is a very special day of my ever dearest friendship Grace Bombeo Fancubit . Since I cannot post in her timeline, dri nlng sa common wall. I declare heaven’s best for you my friend today and always. Thank you for the friendship, the laughters and tears we shared. I really treasured them in my heart. Though were apart, the bond still sticks over the years. Happy Happy Birthday! More blessings ! LOVE yAH!

Sadness and Hapiness when your child graduates….

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Graduation ceremonies  is one of a parent’s proudest moments. When you look at all of these children whom were no more than little kids when they entered the school in  1st grade  and are now leaving  their elementary years  as young adults,  reality sets in.  My daughter is  graduating next week and the fact that she is  no longer  the little girl that I used to cuddled  hits me  pretty hard. To 7 1be honest ,  I felt a sense of sadness that comes with a Child’s growing up and not needing your nurturing as much. To cope up, I am thinking back  when I was  in the same situation and realize that for the child it is a good thing to move onward and upward toward adult-hood. They have so much to look forward too in life.

For my babay Dalefaith  – CONGRATULATIONS! We are proud of you! Your graduation gift awaits as you step down the stage to receive your diploma. I assure you , with or without a medal… you are still our number 1!

Sudden feeling of emptiness…

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I was crying… crying as if  it was only yesterday…

I learned yesterday that my mom’s mother died so I opened the internet and see update on facebook.  I saw pictures of  my aunt while she was still alive, pictures of her younger years..  and then I saw one familiar face… my mom. A sudden feeling of emptiness filled my heart. A longing of  having someone to  kiss, to embrace and  someone to share my  happiness. Tears came flowing down my cheeks… I realized I was crying.  I was alone in our room… so I cry loud. Loud enough to remind me that this is how I cried when my mom died. Then there was a pause…. I was having a hard time to breath… so I stood up and stop crying. I have moved on with the loss long time ago… why am I crying again now? Hmmm… times like this would surely come… I guess.