Hardwood flooring is classic and timeless

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Wooden paneling are popular in houses designed in the 1980’s. Our ancestral house is made of wood, except for the footing, columns . beams and roof, the rest are made of hardwood. My childhood homes living room had one wall paneled with this artificial wood, so was my basement. My mom decided to remove that one wall of the living room and replaced it with a concrete wall since the wood can no longer hold frames and other hanging decorations. Most wall of our bedroom were replaced too to avoid pest and other insects thriving in the middle of the wood panels. Now days, no one with a sense of design would add wood to their walls. They are just used now to floors and cupboards. Good-looking hardwood flooring are memorable. I am one of the biggest fans of hardwood floors since what we have at our ancestral home is easy to polish and maintain.

Hardwood floors are timeless, classic and are always in style. Styles of floors have made progress from the 1950’s. My home growing up had this type of flooring installed when the house was built. It was as authentic as it comes. Our family dream house of course should have hardwood floors in some portion of the house.

My mom can’t stop renovating our house

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My mom believed that her is the biggest asset is our ancestral home. This is the reason why she invested much of her money, time and effort for renovation and beautification. She put her money into it for the last ten years continuously improving the house to preserve and even increase its value. She expanded the porch and landscaped the garden 3 years ago. Last year, she added bathroom and toilet to two of the rooms. Then this year was the expensive one since she simultaneously remodeled the kitchen, added another guest room and converted the garage into her art gallery.

I thought she’s finished with the renovation but she is planning to replaced the vinyl floor with carpet or hardwood. Thanks to wood floors from Carpet One we found the hardwood that my mother so longed desired. Their gorgeous designs are perfect to our existing wooden furniture and room paint colors. If only delivery to our country is included on the list I would surely avail of its on-going promo. I just hope we will find the same kind of hardwood floor finish in our local home depot.

Whew! My mom can’t stop renovating our house. She enjoyed it and does not mind the expenses that goes with it.

A Humble Place to Call Home

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You may have heard the words, “There’s no other place like home”. Indeed, we all have this place like no other else. We are sailing our individual journey toward happiness, success and other priorities but we get to a point when we get tired and find a place of comfort. The place we can only go to achieve that peace and relief is our own home. That is why it is very essential to have a place that would set the aroma of our preference and leisure. Among the important things to set the tone of your home is to think of the best flooring that is simple and family-friendly. I have noticed this when we changed the color of our flooring a couple of years back. From dark red flooring matched with light blue interior, our abode looked a bit warm and intimate with dramatic touch. We changed to white flooring which made our house look fresh and simple and made other colors pop out. Before choosing your own choice of flooring, check on floors online that is more convenient because you could easily research all factors such as the retailers, brands, price comparison. You might also want to start checking Pecks Flooring America products on sale and acquire some tips and ideas on how to go about your new flooring. Be sure to also read through the warranties, installation, and care and maintenance.

Changing the ambiance of our old house

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It seemed to be a never ending work. My mother-in-law with my two sister-in-laws decided to make a major renovation of our ancestral home. It would begin as a simple kitchen repair that includes re-tiling, repainting and building additional new cabinets. The idea came when my sister-in-law who’s working in the U. S. visited www.designonecarpetonesherwood.com  that prompted her to call my mom and suggested that we would work together to realize this idea. We have two dirty kitchens. The first one was used by the family and the other one for their furniture workers. My father-in-law once owned and operated a furniture business. The house is a two-storey building and the upper part was used by the family. The lower part was used as the furniture shop.

After my father-in-law died, the family decided to close the furniture shop and decided to convert the lower part of the house as an extension for those who want to rent rooms. My mother-in-law built four rooms downstairs occupied by tenants for many years. After two of her kids (my sister-in-law and my husband) got married and the youngest worked abroad she occupied the lower part of the house and let somebody rented the upper part. That’s where the renovations begin. But we are all happy to see the partly finished project since it changed the ambiance of the old house.

How to Get a Cushy and Beautiful flooring that You Ever Wanted!

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Turning a house into a beautiful home is typically at the top of everyone’s lists when uttering about home refinement. Triggered with an idea of “how to make a house into a fine-looking one” gradually results to a bunch of great ideas on every home owner’s mind. Every part of a person’s house replicates the kind of personality he or she has. From the roof down to its flooring, every individual makes it certain to have those areas of best quality and durability. Upgrading is the trend of this generation. One detects it through the latest gadgets with extremely fast and accessible applications plus features that induce the audience to purchase it even before its official launching date. People can’t help but get in the trend. One undeniably fact is that advancement does not only lock from those newest items. Upgrading also comes about home enhancement.

South Windsor CT flooring unveils its finest flooring materials and services. It presents five different styles of flooring including carpeting which gives a classy and comfortable exterior look with different designs, vinyl flooring which gives an inter-phase resembling like that of a solid wood, intentionally made for those “wood lovers”, ceramic tile which offers stability, ideally produced for kitchen and bathroom areas, hardwood which presents a never outdated floor appearance and finally the laminate one which offers durability and protection that powerfully resists water into the surface. A chic look can only be one of the reasons behind refining a home but for the core part, it’s the assurance that comfort and safety can give. Every home owner goes for the grandest services that South Windsor CT flooring gives.