Alone and can’t sleep!

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It’s almost midnight but I still can’t sleep. I’ve done posting pictures of our latest travel in  Singapore and Malaysia on  my face book account, replied emails and private messages, update my blogs, book tickets for my in-laws, registered on an airline club membership… so on and so forth but still I can’t sleep!

I am tempted to take the sleeping tablet my brother  gave me. He’s a physician and he told me that it’s safe.. but I am afraid for complications.  I tried to watch TV but I don’t  feel like watching it ( I am not a fan of  TV series though..)

What’s my sleeping therapy ? It’s my hubby… he’s not spending the night with me for a very important tarry meeting. I am not used to sleeping alone. My son is with him too and my daughter is with her grandma in the province.

Wooohhh!!! Got to sleep! But I can’t! So help me GOD!

The health benefits of Oats

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Oatmeal is not only a delicious breakfast but it also has a lot of health benefits. Oats is one of the most miraculous super grains with high soluble and insoluble dietary Fiber and contains  lots of  vitamins and minerals to keep our body strong and healthy. I grow up in a  health conscious family , my mom always  choose  oats in our daily diet. It  becomes mandatory in the house  when we were younger up to our teenage days.  Now, that we have a family of our own, we passed  the  rule to include oatmeal in our menu.  Life   in today’s  fast – moving  technology driven world  is getting more stressful and sedentary , so adding a highly nutritious food like oats  is a must.Oats is, indeed, a magical super grain that keeps our heart healthy, helps attain longevity and is also an awesome immune system booster. So you should now consider eating oats everyday and make healthy choices for an energetic life.

Below are some of the benefit of a healthy oatmeal  :

1. Heart Disease & Cholesterol: Oats is a great cholesterol lowering agent. Research shows that a person who consumes oats regularly are less likely to have heart related problems and disease.

2. Great Cancer fighter: Oats contain a specific chemical called phytochemicals that prevent and fight cancer through compound lignans found in oats . It reduces the risk of hormone related diseases like breast cancer, endometrial, prostrate and ovarian cancer.

3. Immune System booster: Regular intake of oats helps a great deal in boosting our entire immune system thus safeguarding us from viral and bacterial fever and infections.

4.  Cures constipation: As the intake of oats aid in bowel movement, it helps to relieve constipation and also prevents gastro-intestinal related health problems.

5. Helps reduce and maintain weight: As oats has more soluble fibers than any other grain, they create a sense of fullness and fight obesity thus help to maintain and reduce weight.

6. Good for Brain & Memory capacity: Oats is rich in vitamin B which helps in maintaining  good memory and keeps us mentally active and alert.

Why not cultivate the habit of including Oats in your daily diet?

Alternative Medicine, Chinese Medicine and the Scientific Medicine

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I had a chance to bond with my brother yesterday because it was a holiday. We talked about some issues on health until we arrived on the topic about alternative medicine. I know being a physician, he is not sold-out with the alternative medicine approach but for the sake of extracting his opinion, we discussed the matter. Here’s what I’ve learned from him :

There are four main types of diseases: pathogenic disease, deficiency disease, hereditary disease, and physiological disease. Pathogenic disease according to him is caused by micro-organisms or viruses . Deficiency disease, is as a result of a lack of one or more nutrient necessary for proper functioning of our body. Hereditary disease is passed down from generation to generation through the genes while Physiological disease is pattern of behavioral or physiological symptoms that impact multiple life areas or better known as a kind of mental disorder. He went on discussing the details so that I will have a proper understanding the different kinds diseases.

What Is Alternative Medicine? Alternative medicine may be defined as any form of medicine that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine. By this definition he said , he safely say that alternative medicine is not based on scientific evidence. He added that it is usually derived from cultural or historical practices. There are hundreds ( even thousands) of alternative medicine around world but there also a lot people that have been abused in the name of alternatives.

My brother added that practicing alternative medicine is not bad specially if it really worked for you but he stressed out that for severe illnesses and fatal diseases , one need to see a doctor and undergo trusted and proven process of healing.

I asked him about his opinion of Chinese Medicine. I explained to him the many benefits of herbal medicine I have learned through Solstice Medicine Blog I have been reading for more than a month now. He told me that Chinese medicine has been around more 3000 years now and agreed with my opinion that among types alternative medicines, Chinese Medicine is the most effective.

That ends our discussion, agreeing on the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine!


Between the sheets

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Since we spend a lot of our time in the bedroom, I would say that it should be a place that you can comfortably relax and sleep. Not just feel the warmth and ease of your mattress but also the surrounding walls. One thing though when you choose the color, makes sure that you love it because you will be staying in there for a long time. Oftentimes, neutral colors on the wall will have a peaceful affect. Lastly, your bedding set should have a comfortable texture that you can feel that it is soft so you will have a very relaxing sleep.