Giving Your Partial Attention ?

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With modern technology comes disability! Yes, Disability to give to your quality time to your loved one because everybody seems busy Checking emails, texting, watching TV or any activity with your gadget. This is the number one killer of a couple’s relationship. While your partner is in the same room doesn’t constitute quality time together because one or both maybe busy browsing the internet .Many people have difficulty unplugging and giving their partner their undivided attention long enough to hold a real conversation. Give your partner and your children your full attention so you can truly connect with one another.quality-time

Birthday Greeting e-card

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Thank you Ms. Arlene Guevarra for this wonderful birthday greeting and for the message below :

Today is a very special day of my ever dearest friendship Grace Bombeo Fancubit . Since I cannot post in her timeline, dri nlng sa common wall. I declare heaven’s best for you my friend today and always. Thank you for the friendship, the laughters and tears we shared. I really treasured them in my heart. Though were apart, the bond still sticks over the years. Happy Happy Birthday! More blessings ! LOVE yAH!