All that glitters is not gold

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I have been hearing this from my mom, who is fun of wearing Costume jewelry.She loved to express her style in an inexpensive way . She prefer jewelry that are made of less valuable materials like base metals, glass, plastic, and synthetic stones. It is inexpensive but flashy. Like my mom, I love wearing fashion jewelry accessories too! Of course, I have few jewelries made of gold and silver, but I just wear them for special occasion.

With the present economic crisis, lots of people opt to buy fashion jewelry. Aside that its cheap it is varied in style and looks like the real precious jewelry. Many times, it’s an exact replica of the original, giving the buyer the satisfaction of wearing a near original piece.

Advantages in buying an older house

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If you are planning to buy a house, what would you prefer? A costly new one or a cheaper older house ?

I know a lot of people would prefer a new house but there are also advantages in buying old home. Why ? One reason is the construction. Older houses were built with finest quality of materials which have withstood the test of time, where every detail has been attended with meticulous diligence. Materials used are those of the highest standard like the usage of penflex metal hose instead of the plastic used nowadays. Due to the high cost of materials today, some may choose sub-standard specification of materials.

Usually older homes are usually filled with beautiful architectural features . You just don’t know some of it are priceless decorations. Another advantage is the bigger spaces these homes offer. The size of new homes being constructed these days has greatly decreased due to increasing cost of land and materials. Older homes are usually located in downtown areas nearer to shopping centers, hospitals, restaurants and school.

Of course there are also some disadvantages in buying and older house but it’s really up to the owner to weigh the pros and cons.

Family camping is an excellent way to have a fun vacation

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With many families struggling to get by financially they can no longer to take a vacation . But don’t you know that you can still have an enjoyably vacation while not spending much money at all? Try going out with the whole family through camping.That’s why camping is gaining in popularity. A family of any size can easily go camping outdoors . Search for safe and remote places where you can used for temporary camping spots or look for campgrounds which offer several amenities such as showers, bathrooms, and even electrical hookups. Wannah try camping with your family?

Hesitant on multi-level networking business scheme

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A dear friend of my husband invited us to attend a business opportunity seminar one day. Having been exposed to many business schemes (multi-level) and we were quite hesitant to attend but we did it though. The speaker introduced to us a new kind of business and this time it’s about an investment of silver bars. After the seminar, I searched for silver bar at goldeneagle and found it quite interesting. I found out that Golden Eagle coins regard silver bars as the market standard for silver bullion investments. It’s quite becoming popular in many places but it’s still new here in our place. I have to make a thorough study about this and wisely think if we would invest in this kind of business.