True Love Waits musical drama at Pilgrim Christian College

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Praise God! The TRUE LOVE WAITS Music Drama was a big success. The two shows were attended by more than thousands of young people from different campuses in the city ( high school and college). The audience were not only entertained with songs , dances and drama but most of all were touched with the closing exhortation of our pastor.

Today, the team was invited again by one of the known colleges in the city to present during their school foundation day. I am sure this will be jam packed with lots of student again. Now, we are preparing everything from the instruments, microphones, lights , racks and stands > I can not wait to watch the show again!

Me and my friends after the show...

Me and my friends after the show…

BHCCCI 26th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Celebration

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This  30th of September  will be the  Blessed Hope Christian Community Church International 26th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Celebration . The celebration will be held  at the church sanctuary in  17th-6th Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City.  Brethren from the city and the neighboring provinces  will gather on this big day to celebrate GOD’s faithfulness in our lives.

Program includes the Praise and Worship, special dance  and song presentation, installation of new leaders and of course the banquet that will follow after the Thanksgiving service . A drum and bugle corpse in one of our school outreach will provide the music to welcome all the brethren and guest. The messiah band and the Spectrum band will play their music too! They are all ready with reason software from musicians friend .

Drumsticks as graduation gift

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March is coming to conclusion and so is the journey of our seniors through their drama filled high school life. There are so many gifts to be bought by this time because we Filipinos love to celebrate with a bang. It’s a good thing my son is still a junior and the gift showering will have to wait until next year. But we can see that the spirit of giving is still at large. As a matter of fact, my son bought his band mate a pair of drumsticks as his graduation gift , they’re no Vater Drumsticks but they’ll do. As what my husband and I have inculcated in our children’s hearts, it’s the thought that counts.

I know Daniel, the band’s drummer will surely love his new drumsticks. My son’s wishing for a new rhythm guitar, but that can wait till next year on his graduation.