The amazing equestrian experience!!

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Our kids decided they wanted to try horseback riding. Both me and my wife have ridden horses on many previous occasions, but our vacation at Eden Nature’s Park ( Davao City) last year was an entirely different experience as we started to view the activity as parents, and through the eyes of our children.

We realized that the actual riding is only a small part of the overall activity. We love not only getting on top of the tamed horses but we love the scenery, the gear, the learning process, the bonding as a family.The one hour activity extended to three hours as we roamed around the park, going from one area to another. Our kids wanted to rent equestrian apparel but they were all over-sized. Although it was just last year but we are still mystified with our experience. Learning to handle, control, and get repeatable responses from the horses is an experience we can never forget. We hope to go back to Eden Nature’s Park again!

A child’s inquisitive mind

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Dale Faith , my youngest daughter is such an inquisitive girl. Every now and then she’s asking me and her father about things or terminologies she can not understand.

When we had our vacation in manila last week, she can not stop inquiring about everything she saw at the International Airport. Why do we need to take off our shoes in passing through the xray door? Does our airport have the best metal detectors ? Why do we have to pay taxes and terminal fees? Why should we turn-off our cellular phones during each  flight? How much is the pilot’s salary? etc…. Whew! I guess she will be a scientist someday! What do you think?